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Father! my name is Polina but baptized under the name Pelageya. Was born on July 5 1969, when the Day of my Angel should be celebrated? Thank you for the answer.

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The Spirituial Ladder of St. John Climacus and Our Christian Praxis
10.04.2021 23:47
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

We could not possibly exhaust the well of wisdom which is the "Ladder of Divine Ascent."

“The Faithful Witness, the First Begotten of the Dead”
10.04.2021 00:23
The Revelation of St. John the Theologian. Talk 7
Sergei Komarov

The beholder of mysteries emphasizes the most important thing in the Person and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ: His sufferings and death (the faithful witness), Resurrection (the first begotten of the dead), and glory (the prince of the kings of the earth). We will briefly discuss each of these designations.

New monastery established in Ukrainian Orthodox Church
09.04.2021 06:06
The sisters lead a solitary life of prayer on their own extensive plot of land, where monastic cells are being built and the foundation of the Church of St Olga has been laid.

Arkansas becomes first state to protect children from gender transitions
09.04.2021 05:52
“Arkansas has a compelling government interest in protecting the health and safety of its citizens, especially vulnerable children,” the bill’s legislative findings say.

Romanian Patriarchate has helped more than 30,000 children through its school program
09.04.2021 03:56
Nearly 32,000 children have benefited from the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Choose School! program, which provides them with necessary school supplies, lessons, activities, and much more.

Victims of 1941 Nazi bombing commemorated in Belgrade
09.04.2021 02:36
The attacks resulted in the widespread destruction of the capital’s infrastructure and many civilian casualties.

Patriarch Kirill approves suspension of two Russian hierarchs
09.04.2021 01:37
His Holiness Patriarch Kirill has confirmed the suspension of His Grace Bishop Ignaty (Tarasov), formerly of the Diocese of Kostomushka, and His Grace Bishop Ignaty (Buzin), formerly of the Diocese of Armavir.

Marriage is No Obstacle to Serving Christ
08.04.2021 22:48
St. John Chrysostom’s First Homily on Saints Priscilla and Aquila. Part 2
St. John Chrysostom

We ought to be ashamed of what indeed is shameful—sin, and striking out against God, and doing anything that one should not do. And we should be taking pride in trades and honest workmanship.

Christ is the Light that Casts Aside Darkness
08.04.2021 22:35
Fr. Christopher Hill

In one very simple sentence, we can get to the heart of our endeavors throughout Lent, and, of course, of what God does for us.

Bulgarian Holy Synod produces 6th-7th grade Orthodox textbook
08.04.2021 08:40
On Monday, the volume was accepted for evaluation by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

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